Daughter of Palestine by Yong Jen Ong

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Daughter of Palestine shows how values make, or break, a romance. Told through the eyes of a small cast of characters in a big world, the story transcends the boundaries of race and culture, and reveals the sacrifice, and the hurt, of the struggle for life and liberty.

"Inspired by true events, the book sets out to define and put a face to evil, one that rarely resembles our childhood notions of what evil looks like." - Dr. Rebecca Deurlein, President, Teenager Success 101

Vera by Carol Edgarian

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Combustible Punch by Paul Michael Peters

Rick gets sucked into the world of a psychopathic serial killer when she tricks him into cooperating with her plan to write her memoir.

He is the survivor of a school shooting that leaves him an alcoholic who makes poor decisions in life. Is he despite enough to take her offer?

Rick Philips isn't a fighter — but he is a survivor

Haunted by memories of a high school shooting, not even the bottle can wash away the gnawing guilt and creeping feelings of inadequacy that batter Rick's conscience daily.

His life has been a mess of broken marriages, writer's block, terrible choices, and the morbid pity of others. When he meets Harriet at a writer's conference, the record doesn't scratch as he falls back — only this time, he may not get up.

Harriet Bristol Wheeler is a dark temptress — and self-confessed serial killer

Harriet has no problem killing — and even fewer issues blending back into the background after the act with the cool, calculating eye of a practiced social chameleon. Manipulative, unpredictable, and exceptionally intelligent, she's Rick's worst nightmare — and the ideal subject for his next book. A book that they are both desperate to write.

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Canary and the Mothman by Emory Moon

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This book is dedicated to all of you that are currently surviving that deafening family SILENCE.

Find out what happens when someone finally speaks up.

Better Luck Next Time by Julia Claiborne Johnson

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The eagerly anticipated second novel from the bestselling author of Be Frank with Me, a charming story of endings, new beginnings, and the complexities and complications of friendship and love, set in late 1930s Reno.

It’s 1938 and women seeking a quick, no-questions split from their husbands head to the “divorce capital of the world,” Reno, Nevada. There’s one catch: they have to wait six-weeks to become “residents.” Many of these wealthy, soon-to-be divorcees flock to the Flying Leap, a dude ranch that caters to their every need.

Twenty-four-year-old Ward spent one year at Yale before his family lost everything in the Great Depression; now he’s earning an honest living as a ranch hand at the Flying Leap. Ward thinks he’s got the Flying Leap’s clients all figured out. But two new guests are about to upend everything he thinks he knows: Nina, a St Louis heiress and amateur pilot back for her third divorce, and Emily, whose bravest moment in life was leaving her cheating husband back in San Francisco and driving herself to Reno.

A novel about divorce, marriage, and everything that comes in between (money, class, ambition, and opportunity), Better Luck Next Time is a hilarious yet poignant examination of the ways friendship can save us, love can destroy us, and the family we create can be stronger than the family we come from.

Sparks Like Stars by Nadia Hashimi

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An Afghan American woman returns to Kabul to learn the truth about her family and the tragedy that destroyed their lives in this brilliant and compelling novel from the bestselling author of The Pearl That Broke Its Shell, The House Without Windows, and When the Moon Is Low.