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Send in the Hero Online Ë Timothy Ellis
  • Send in the Hero
  • Kindle Edition
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  • Timothy Ellis
  • English
  • 04 May 2019
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About the Author: Timothy Ellis

Send in the Hero Online Ë Timothy Ellis 1 Best Selling Space Opera author 2018 New info added at the bottom, in response to feedback and reviews Timothy Ellis lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia where he constantly battles with his cat for possession of his desk chair, Daleks do guard duty, and he keeps his sonic screwdriver next to his lightsaber and wand Now there is a female Doctor Who, he eagerly awaits the sound of the Tardis materializing in his house.He has spent his life reading and watching science fiction and fantasy, and has been playing Space Genre computer games since he used to be smuggled in to play the original text Star Trek game on a university mainframe, long before the PC or Apple appeared Since 2004, he s written game guides for the Egosoft X Universe series, culminating in two versions of the X3 Handbook He has also designed major mods for the various games, and dozens of mini mods.He has been a farm worker, Antique Dealer, Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, Operations Manager of a small retail chain, and Retail Store Owner He is now a full time author, who still does Spiritual Healer and helper work.After leaving behind the corporate and business worlds, he was opened to his Spiritual gifts Now a Feng Shui Master, Feng Shui led him to Buddhism, Karma, the Tao, and back to western spiritualism Since 2006 he has been writing spiritual articles and helping people via spiritual forums and Facebook Groups His spiritual books include Personal Healing Using Basic Meditation , Life Harmony, Feng Shui in Plain English , 101 Tips for the John of God Brazil Experience , and The Wisdom of the Ages is available for the price of asking a question series of 8 books His own spiritual healing led him to writing novels.His first novel, Hero at Large , spawning the long running The Hunter Legacy universe, brings together his love of the space genre, spirituality, and cats Now 4 series long, the universe covers 2 galaxies, 3100 years, and as at Imperium Knight Chaos Rising, 28 Novels There are 4 main entrance points Hero at Large, Admiral of Gaia, Yesterday s Spacemage, and Crossover.If you wish to be kept up to date with new releases and information in The Hunter Legacy Universe series, subscribe here and follow on , Goodreads, or BookBub.The fastest way to find out about a new release is my Facebook group page, which get advance warning about 2 4 days before release, and again when the book is uploaded to Kindle and my email list which goes out as soon as I have anpage for the new book Bookbub will let you know about 3 4 days after I remember to tell thems policy is now sometime in 60 days , so sometimes you wont get one, but in recent times it s been around 12 to 14 days after release.Some things which might help you choose to read my books or not I mainly write life in space Living the life of the character isimportant than what happens Or if you like, bathroom breaks and throwing up are part of life I don t write using 3 acts I m a pantser , not a plotter There is no pacing What happens, happens, as it happens Or put another way, life happens Perfect pacing for me, isn t real life Sh t all happens at the same time, and then there s a lot of boredom Deal with it I use the Oxford Comma , and when I read a sentence, where I pause gets a comma The comma is a pause, so if you are pausing, you re reading it as I wrote it Any discomfort is you re own problem Apparently I put too many in, and not enough, and in the wrong place, and all at the same time Deal with it I dislike the assumption that as a main character levels up in skills, the bad guys do as well, or the situations must get worse I intensely dislike a main character who is strong, but has to do stupid, or pull a rabbit out of an orifice, because the bad guy is always stronger I really hate the assumption that a main character shou

Ë E7E73E35E7 Þ Online ↠´ Send in the Hero ò Timothy Ellis B0FBB047AF Jonathon Hunter is a long way from home, and intent on getting back to tra Hunter is a long way from home, and intent on getting back to track down his unknown adversary But local problems intrude an annoyance becomes a real threat Trading one war for another wasn t in his game plan, but you do what has to be done to keep others alive Jonathon isn t playing one of his computer games any , and the save button only works by putting your life on Online ↠´ Send in the Hero ò Timothy Ellis the line When the odds are stacked against you, there is only one thing left to do Send in the Hero The Hunter Legacy seriesHero at largeHunted Hero Hunting Send in the Hero Make or Break the Hero forthcoming
This book Send in the Hero started to suffer from the golden chosen problem main character does everything and think of everything that none of the other characters are interesting.
Great series, don t think too muchThis is a great series, enjoy the story and try not to think too deep about it Enjoy it for what it is, an awesome space fantasy.

The third installment of this series, or should I say, serial space opera, is every bit as entertaining and imaginative as the first two books Send in the Hero Yes, they are easy reads in that they really only touch lightly at the angst and deep philosophical dilemmas which could make this book Send in the Hero just another word padded expression of the author s own psyche However, this is one factor which greatly contributes to what makes them so much fun to read Send in the Hero After a long day, there is hardly anythingsatisfying The third installment of this series, or should I say, serial space opera, is every bit as entertaining and imaginative as the first two books Send in the Hero Yes, they are easy reads in that they really only touch lightly at the angst and deep philosophica Fun, the main character is still pretty much infallible though at least the author introduces a mechanic to kind of explain some of it The main is still one of the most blatant mary sue characters At this point, I m still reading this just to see how ridiculous it s going to have to get before he suffers a major failure and main characters will actually be seriously hurt and have consequences.

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