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  • 17 March 2019
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About the Author: Orhan Pamuk

Beyaz Kale مجانا Ó Orhan Pamuk Orhan Pamuk was born in Istanbul in and grew up in a large family similar to those which he describes in his novels Cevdet Bey and His Sons and The Black Book, in the wealthy westernised district of Nisantasi As he writes in his autobiographical book Istanbul, from his childhood until the age of he devoted himself largely to painting and dreamed of becoming an artist After graduating fro.

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Pamuk’s talent for storytelling is definitely unquestionable Well, OK, you can disagree, I don’t care I loved the setting; it was basically the main criteria for choosing the book Beyaz Kale (I’d probably need to mention the readerfriendly length, as well) I loved the plot (the double / the identical twin, the capacity of exchanging not only identities, but also memories, ideas and beliefs), the framing device, the (unreliable) 1st person narrative, the mind games and the twisted relationship / brutal conflict / love between Hoja and the slave and the cultural confrontation (West VS East) I definitely loved Luminita Munteanu’s translation She’s the exclusive translator of Pamuk’s books Beyaz Kale in Romanian and she’s done an incredibly good job, not onl Beyaz Kale = The White Castle, Orhan PamukThe story begins with a frame tale in the form of a preface written by historian Faruk Darvinoglu (a character referenced in Pamuk's previous book, Silent House) between 1984 and 1985, according to the fictional dedication to the character's late sister at the beginning of the frame tale Faruk recalls finding the story that follows in a storage room while looking through an archive in the governor's office in Gebze, among old bureaucratic papers He takes the transcript, fascinated by its presence in such a place During his breaks from work, he begins trying to find a source for the tale, hoping to authenticate its events and author He is able to connect the author to Italy, but is unable to make any further progress An acquaintance tells him that manuscripts suc
A Short StartI started reading this novel, because it was Pamuk's shortest and although I liked the subject matter of his other novels, I was worried I might bite offthan I could chew (I am the sort of person who must finish a book Beyaz Kale once I've started it, even if I hate it) So this was a taster for me.
From A to B Inevitably I think it is fair to say that what happens at the end is inevitable His craftsmanship lies in how he achieves it There is a moment towards the end of the book Beyaz Kale when the door opens and we're suddenly on the other side of the story Only we have to look back over our shoulder and think, how did I get here?From A to B PredictablyIt annoys me when people criticise a book, because they think it is predictable Everything is predictable to someone, if not necessarily me, because I didn't see it coming (I am not a big fa Warning: you have to relax to read Beyaz Kale this book, just let go and let it take you where it wants This is a novel on identity: the plot really does not matter (is this the defining feature of good literature?), the crucial point is how two individuals actually become one, to the point that we no longer know ourselves who is whom Is the Italian slave really taking the place of his hoja (i.
e master, according to Adam Shatz in the London Review of books Beyaz Kale ), are they really swapping lives as previously fantasised? Or is this really a fantasy in itself, of the Turk, the Hoja, so disappointed with his fellow Turks, so disgusted with their intellectual inferiority, with their passiveness, with their lack of imagination, so much craving for the intellectually stimulating life that he can just barely perceive through the bearing, knowledge and stories of h

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